The Snake Befriends the Hawk

There once was a snake named Pierre. He was an ordinary garden snake with the ideal life a snake could ask for, a loving wife named Gertrude, a beautiful baby snake named Casper, and an unlimited supply of mice. However life for a snake could be dangerous. With plenty of hawks, eagles and other big birds constantly flying overhead, Pierre had to be careful. He lived in Apopka, specifically in Rocks Springs Ridge, right behind the Simon house.

However, one day when coming back from work, Pierre spotted a fallen, young bird. Pierre having the big heart he does, slithered on over to see what was wrong. Before he knew it, a hawk jumped out from behind the bushes and snatched poor old Pierre right up into the air. It was a trap! The hawk flew higher and higher up into the bright blue sky. Pierre tried to squirm himself free but the hawk was too strong. His talons cut deep into Pierre’s skin. Higher and higher they flew and Pierre not being used to heights preceded to pass out.

When he woke up, he was still high above the ground but he didn’t know where he was. Down below him their was lots of water and little land. The awkward silence was killing Pierre so finally he spoke up.

“Are you going to eat me?” Pierre asked the hawk.

“No”, responded the hawk, “but my babies are.”

Pierre gulped. “Sir, please no, I have a family. I am needed at home. You must spare me.”

“Why should I”, asked the hawk. “I do not care about you or your family. I care about feeding my family. We are only 5 minutes away!”

Pierre was desperate. He needed to think of a way to convince this hawk to save him, and then “light bulb”. He had an idea.

“Mr. Hawk sir, there are plenty of reason to save my life. Just hear me out.” pleaded Pierre.

“Okay but you have five minutes.”

“That’s all I need. I ,as you know, am a snake. We snakes are perceived to be evil and all humans believe us to be somewhere between gross and dangerous. If spotted we are instantly killed or seriously injured.


Not only humans are scared of us though. Most animals are as well. It is nearly impossible to make friends when others are afraid of you. We tend to be a lonely species and this loneliness leads to high rates of depression.

“But what makes u more looked down upon then let’s say a spider?” asked Mr. Hawk

“Well, snakes, unlike spiders, have always been looked down upon. I mean the most evil being or person ever, Satan, was depicted as a snake. God said that being a snake and slithering on the ground was a punishment for Satan after he tempted Adam and Eve.” explained Pierre.

“Wow okay but why aren’t snakes bad?

“Us garden snakes, for instance, are not venomous. We help get rid of rodents in your gardens and keep other unwanted things out of the way. We don’t eat the plants or hurt them in any way, shape, or form. We basically are like security guards. We guard people gardens from unwanted visitors .”

“Jeez, I have never thought about that. You snakes are not that bad after all. You were just trying to help out my friend in this first place when I swooped in and grabbed you. I’m so sorry.”

“ For real? Am I free to go?” asked Pierre.

“Of course, you do not deserve to be eaten. Let’s turn around and take you back home to your family.” exclaims Mr. Hawk



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