The Snake Befriends the Hawk

There once was a snake named Pierre. He was an ordinary garden snake with the ideal life a snake could ask for, a loving wife named Gertrude, a beautiful baby snake named Casper, and an unlimited supply of mice. However life for a snake could be dangerous. With plenty of hawks, eagles and other big […]

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Close Reading is Really Dumb

Close reading is REALLY pointless It does not help me at all Close reading is REALLY tiring It makes my hand bleed Close reading is REALLY hard It requires extra writing Close reading is REALLY tedious It means underling and boxing Close reading is REALLY boring It was obviously Mr. K’s idea Close reading is […]

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Constellation of Nicole

Nicole is a bully She constantly makes fun of me Despite the fact that we are apparent friends It bamboozles me how mean she is She makes me cry at night Tears dripping down my face Hi friend, says Matt You look like a tomato, responds Nicole Tears dripping down my face What’s up Nicole, […]

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It was quite a confusing and frightening day. I was a 13 year old boy who believed that bad things never happened to good people who obeyed God. I was too young to understand why this terrible thing was happening. In fact I still don’t understand why it happened and I may never truly understand. […]

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Literary Analysis of Nina Simone’s Song “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”

Slavery has been a huge issue in the past and still is today. Nina Simone used her song “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” to express her attitude, feelings, and personal experiences of slavery. She uses literary devices and strong wording to express her opinions in a way that catches […]

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